Down & Derby

The Glenwood South Collaborative is happy to announce the Glenwood South Down & Derby Presented By Sir Walter Chevrolet.  The event will take place on October 10th as participant’s race their cars down Glenwood South.  The committee is in the process of approaching businesses to sponsor and will soon be seeking participants to build cars and enter the race.  We are honored to have Sir Walter Chevrolet as a partner for this event. Sir Walter Chevrolet and the News & Observer originally co-sponsored Raleigh’s Soap Box Derby in the 1930’s as they raced down Glenwood Ave.

Down & Derby will have two divisions.  The 1st division will be Boy Scouts and/or under 18 year old participants.  The first division will race traditional soap box derby cars following traditional soap box derby rules.

The second division will be over 18 age division / business sponsored cars.  Participants in this division will be encouraged to be creative when building cars.  Rules will be established to keep participants safe and keep the races fair.

The race will start from a ramp and the cars will depend on gravity to get down the course.  The course will run along Glenwood Ave between Lane Street and Tucker.  Race will be double elimination with a consolation round.  Winners will keep competing in heats until we have an overall winner.  A race for 3rd place will take place before the final heat.

The event will be family friendly and will have sponsors (see attached form), entertainment along the course as well as involvement from the restaurants and retail along the street.  Sir Walter Chevrolet will have an area to display cars, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring or building a car to participate in the race please contact Stephen Votino (919) 614-0884 or for more information.  A page on the Glenwood Collaborative website as well as a Facebook page will be posted soon.