Go Show Some Local Foodie Love with these new members!

Any food truck lovers out there? Well here is the list of food trucks that have joined Shop Local Raleigh in an effort to promote the buy local, shop local eat local, you get the idea… local movement!

Read a little about each below, check out their website, like & follow them on social media and Show Some Local Love™!!

American Meltdown

American Meldown is the place to get the best grilled cheese in Raleigh. If you are looking for quality and variety in your melts, then look no further than this food truck that makes its way around the triangle. With fresh ingredients and friendly personalities, you’re sure to enjoy your time with American Meltdown.


Looking for delicious food that is also good for you? Then look no further than Deli-icious, a food truck specializing in artisan paninis, salads, vegan, and vegetarian entrees. Using only the freshest ingredients, Chef Suzie and Chef Ty work to create an unique and healthy experience for all of their customers. In addition to their food truck services, they also cater.


Forget about hot dog buns, Baguettaboutit’s sausages come in a freshly baked French baguette along with your sauce of choice deliciously created from ingredients hand-picked from local farmers markets. Baguettaboutit features six flavors of NC-made sausage, choice of eight hand-crafted sauces as well as a vegetarian selection. Baguettaboutit now has a brick and mortar location in Durham in addition to the food truck so their food is always available.

Captain Ponchos

Captain Ponchos was started in 2009 by the husband and wife team Carolina and Hector Escobar with the idea of cooking their favorite Mexican foods.Ever since then, this food truck has been on the rise in the Triangle. Referred to by many as the “real deal”, Captain Ponchos focuses on serving authentic Mexican cuisine. They are proud to serve only the food from old family traditions, and are excited to share that knowledge with the community.

Chai’s Global Street Food

Serving a little bit of everything, Chai’s Global Street food strives to share the world of food with its customers. Featuring, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Latin food, there is something for any appetite. Chai’s Global Street food serves the Triangle and is always looking for new places to share their unique cuisine.

Dump Pho King Truck

Created with the help of Kick Starter, Dump Pho King Truck was the brainchild of Sunny Lin and Sophia Woo. Serving a mixture of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese food, the Dump Pho King Truck has a wide variety of dishes representing many cultures. Every meal is served with a smile and it is their hope that you leave the food truck with smile, too.


Mac-Ur-Roni is trying to bring a completely unique dining experience to the Triangle.  They’re making their delicious Three Cheese Mac and Cheese (which is great on its own) and letting their customers top it how they want with fresh ingredients that are prepared daily. You can chose from bacon, to broccoli, to blue cheese; there is no limit to the creative combinations you can make. Mac-Ur-Roni also offering Sliders (mini-sandwiches) for those who prefer to not mix their foods.

Stoke & Smoke BBQ

Stoke & Smoke is a state of the art mobile barbecue food unit. They’ve been cooking and serving barbecue in North Carolina for over 20 years. Their meats are hand rubbed with their own special blend of spices and slowly smoked for 12-14 hours with apple and cherry wood to create an exquisite flavor. They also have ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and chicken.

Citizen Pops

Citizen Pops is home to some of the best frozen yogurt and frozen popsicles in the triangle area! The mobile branch of Citizen Yogurt aims to bring their delicious frozen treats all around the Raleigh area.Their frozen yogurt, made using liquid nitrogen, is smooth and creamy. In addition, their handmade popsicles are made with 100% natural ingredients like fresh fruits, making them vegan friendly and gluten free.They also have a variety of drink options including their bubble tea which can be made over ice or blended like a shake!

Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck

“Chirba Chirba” literally means “Eat eat!” in Mandarin Chinese when you’re speaking to another person. However, the expression embodies a very warm, hospitable feeling when uttered, especially to a friend or guest. That is the exact feeling the owners of the Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck are trying to impart onto their guests. With freshly made dumplings and a warm, inviting atmosphere, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time with the Chirba Chirba Dumpling family.

Sol Tacos

Sol Tacos serves southern influenced gourmet tacos on freshly freshly made flour tortilla shells. Using fresh and organic ingredients from owner Andy Schaumann own garden, you can be sure the food is good and local. Serving locations throughout the Triangle, Sol Tacos also provides a variety of catering services.

Lumpy’s Ice Cream

Lumpy’s Ice Cream was created by a parent who loved to see the joy going to the ice cream truck brought his children, but was also concerned with the quality of ice cream his kids were eating. Tired of seeing all of the additives and unnatural flavorings, Buck (the owner) created an ice cream truck that used only natural and safe ingredients. With dozens of flavors that appeal to the young as well as the old, Lumpy’s Ice Cream is great for the whole family.

Please take a moment to welcome all of these members, check them out online and let them know you heard about them from Shop Local Raleigh!