Help Team RDU’s moustache travel around the Triangle!

Made-in-MovemberHelp Team RDU’s moustache travel around the Triangle! 

The Traveling ‘Stache campaign will start on November 1st at the Shave Off, which will be held 10-3 outside the offices of the Associated Urologists of North Carolina in North Raleigh. For the entire month of November, businesses will have the opportunity to “steal” the moustache from one another.

Each business that steals the moustache will take a photo with it and post the image to their chosen social media platform with the #LetItGrowRDU hashtag. Businesses and individuals will be able to follow the moustache via the Social Media page at

Like the moustaches grown by Movember’s Mo Bros, we hope the Traveling ‘Stache will help start more conversations about men’s health while also driving foot traffic to those businesses who participate.

For more information or to get involved, click here.