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You are invited to attend a Lunch and Learn Seminar jointly sponsored by Shop Local Raleigh and SCORE.   The seminar is “How to Stay in Business” presented by Deborah Orinzio of SCORE at OAKZ.   Be sure to reserve your seat for the seminar by clicking on the register button below.

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When: Tuesday September 16, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM EDT

Where: OAKZ , 510 Glenwood Ave, #010, Raleigh, NC 27603

Lunch and Learn Seminar Description   You know how hard it was to launch your small business, but it may be even harder to keep it running smoothly and growing.  How do you cope with changing customer needs?  When do you adopt new technologies to help solve problems?  What do you do when your competition surprises you with the next best product or service?  And how do you even diagnose what might be going wrong in order to know what actions to take.  This 2 hour “lunch & learn” seminar will give you tools and techniques to proactively monitor the health of your business and take steps to strengthen it before trouble happens.  Sign up for this seminar today.  You can find the choices for lunch and place your order by emailing:

Speaker Biography

Deborah Oronzio has a diverse background in business, training and education. Her most recent positions were Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Instructor at Wake Tech Community College. In these roles, she helped a diverse range of people start or grow their businesses. She also taught students the fundamentals of business including entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, management and customer relations. Deb was certified in life and career coaching, and has opened her own business, Self-Empower Coaching to help mature professionals manage their career transitions effectively; this includes small business start-up.  She is also a real-estate investor.   Not only is Deb a SCORE volunteer, she also conducts volunteer entrepreneurship training at Step-up Ministry.

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