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Things You Shouldn’t Forget on the Day of Your Trip

Even the most experienced travelers fall victim to missed flights, long delays or just plain paranoia that they forgot to turn off the coffee maker. Here’s how to stay calm, organized and ahead of all the obstacles the day of your trip.

Know your travel details. Check and double check your arrival and departure time. It’s wise to sign up for text or email alerts from the airline itself. Keep an eye on the weather the night before, so you’re aware of any potential issues that could cause delays, and make sure you have plenty of time to get through security. We always recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your flight.

Know where your travel documents are. No passport? No vacation. Make sure to put all your travel documents in a “can’t-miss” spot in your carry-on bag and keep them accessible.

Charge your electronics. Fully charge everything before you leave your home. Also it’s a good idea to download all your entertainment before you leave on your own reliable Wi-Fi. It’ll save you time and frustration on your trip.

Unplug that coffeemaker. And while you’re at it, unplug the TV and other major appliances. Not only is there no question that these items are, in fact, off, but you’ll also protect them from power surges. You’ll even save a few bucks on your next electric bill.

Don’t forget your meds. You can typically replace toiletries and clothing items at your final destination, but finding a place to refill your prescriptions is not as easy. Make sure to keep your medications in your carry-on just in case your checked bag doesn’t show at the final destination.

Don’t travel hangry. Being overly hungry turns some people angry, aka “hangry.” You can take wrapped food through security, so bring a snack and skip overpriced airport meals.

Take photos. Take photos not only of your trip, but also of your bag and travel documents for your records. It’ll make things easier for you should something go missing.


The Benefits of Train Travel

Next time you’re traveling, skip the cramped airline seats and traffic jams and take your seat (or private cabin) on the train. Only on a train can you stretch out in a spacious seat, relax and watch the lush countryside roll by until you arrive safely at your destination right on time.

Traveling by train has always been popular in Europe, and it is starting to gain popularity in North America too. In addition to being cost effective, train travel is a stress-free way to get to your destination. If you’re still not convinced train travel is the way to go, here are just a few reasons to book today.

Flexible: Get the most out of your train journey by exploring multiple stops along your route, checking out the local landmarks. Buy a ticket that allows you to hop on and off, and you can enjoy big cities and small towns along the way.

Cost-effective: Trains are a great option for the budget-conscious traveler. Not only is a train ticket usually cheaper than a flight, but it’s also often cheaper than driving since you can skip the gas and tolls.

 You’ll have access to plenty of room, a café car and possibly other amenities such as Wi-Fi on a train. If you’re seeking even more room, or traveling overnight, consider booking a private sleeper cabin.

Environmentally friendly: 
Trains are at the forefront of eco-friendly travel. Travel guilt-free knowing that your journey consumes less energy and produces less harmful pollutants than other modes of transportation. Best of all, by taking the train you’re reducing congestion on the roads and skies. Happy rails!


Key Info to Know Before Your First Cruise

You are going to love your first cruise, because there’s so much to see and do both on and off the ship! Here are some essentials to prepare you to set sail.

Cruise ships are getting better and faster when it comes to onboarding thousands of people, but there will be a line. Make sure you bring some snacks to ease your wait.

Have you thought about shore excursions? Many of the best excursions may be booked by the time you board, so ask us to book your top choices before you embark.

Keep in mind what’s included. Your cruise will include dining and some drinks, but alcoholic beverages and specialty dining may be extra. Ask us about the set up on your cruise so there won’t be any surprises. We’ll also tell you about the ship’s tipping policy.

Bring a wide range of clothes, including some dressier outfits. You will have options each night on where to dine, and some of those options may include a formal dress code. Don’t miss out on a premium dining experience just because you forgot to bring a suit jacket!

Speaking of clothes, there will not be an iron in your stateroom. There may be an onboard laundry room to iron clothes, but it’s often packed right before dinner. You can steam your clothes in your stateroom’s bathroom, or use a de-wrinkling spray.

When you board, your bag will be delivered to your state room…eventually. Depending on the size of the boat and number of guests, your bags may take several hours to arrive. Pack a day bag with everything you’ll need to start the fun immediately. Vacation time is precious, so don’t waste a minute!


Packing Tips for Men

You booked a trip, you need to pack, and you don’t want to spend the entire first day ironing your dress shirts. Here are some tips to help you save space and arrive wrinkle-free.

Don’t wait until the morning of your trip to clean your dirty laundry. Clean and fold your clothes a few days ahead of time. Save space by adding items that can be mixed and matched and worn several times over. You can avoid packing multiple blazers if you have one that matches several different pairs of dress pants or jeans. Also, try to pick items that can easily transition from work to play.

When you’re putting those clean clothes in your suitcase, roll whatever you can. Folding causes creasing, and awkward creases lead to ironing…which is what we’re trying to avoid here. Place your dress shirts at the top of your bag to help cut down on wrinkles. Most importantly, hang up these items as soon as you arrive. Though it’s tempting just to pull what you need as you need it from your suitcase, hanging your dress items will keep you looking sharp throughout the trip.

Keep your shoes looking sharp too! Save space by packing your extra socks in your dress shoes to keep the shoes from folding while in transit.

When packing a suit jacket, turn it inside out to help protect it from wrinkling. Then fold it twice and pack it on the bottom of your suitcase so that the clothes on top keep it from moving around too much.

Most importantly, lay out your essential items the night before your trip. Make sure you’ve got your travel documents, keys, wallet and other essentials in a spot you’re sure to see it. Stay organized, and you’ll have everything you’ll need for a successful trip.


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