Fortnight Brewing – Now Canning

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Although the term “canned beer” may initially have you thinking “cheap beer”, don’t be fooled. A growing number of craft brewers are beginning to can their beer as opposed to bottling. There are huge pros to canning beer. The quality of beer is maintained much better in cans as opposed to bottles. Not to mention, putting high-quality product in cans is key for convenience and portability. So rid your mind of all the negatives when it comes to canned beer – you get a better product, with better convenience. I think it’s safe to say, canning is here to stay.


Fortnight Brewing is now canning! Brews include Blonde Ale, X-Pat IPA & ESB. Check out the descriptions below and be sure to grab your can today.


Fortnight Canned Brews

Blonde Ale: While this beer is light in color, it’s not lacking in flavor.  This easy drinking beer has fruity and floral notes with a clean finish. A healthy dose of wheat malt adds to the complexity you would expect from a blonde. 4.8% ABV.

X-Pat IPA: X-Pat is a fusion of our English heritage and American passions. Using UK malts and American hops this IPA pours copper in color with a big hop bouquet  of grapefruit, pine, floral sweetness. A well rounded malt back bone evens out the bitterness for a truly unique drinking experience. 5.5% ABV.

ESB: English Ale’s big brother.  With a copper color this English specialty is the real deal. With notes of figs and sweet raisins, its countered by a healthy dose of East Kent Golding hops to give it a balance.   A quintessential English beer, this Extra Special Bitter has found a new home in the states. 3.3% ABV.