North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed 11 bills into law as of Wednesday.

RALEIGH – North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed 11 bills into law as of Wednesday. He has signed a total of 39 bills into law since June 19.

» S.B. 534: A bill authorizing the director of the budget to continue expenditures for the operations of state government at the level in effect on June 30. This bill will expire on August 14 at 11:59 p.m.

» S.B. 455: A bill prohibiting certain investments and contracts with persons determined to be engaging in investment activities in Iran.

» H.B. 356: A bill clarifying the cap on the utilities regulatory fee reserve, setting the regulatory fee in statute and allowing the commission to raise or lower the fee.

» H.B. 55: A bill amending the law regarding pyrotechnic exhibitions authorized by North Carolina State University.

» H.B. 148: A bill requiring owners of mopeds to have insurance beginning July 1, 2016 and making clarifying changes related to the law requiring the registration of mopeds.

» S.B. 284: A bill extending the sunset provision on the authority granted to counties and cities to use special assessments to address critical infrastructure needs.

» S.B. 333: A bill requiring that the State Board of Education include specific data in its annual report on the teaching profession.

» S.B. 462: A bill clarifying that a public authority may establish, control and operate a nonprofit corporation with tax exempt status.

» S.B. 578: A bill transitioning abuse and neglect investigations in child care facilities to the Division of Child Development and Early Education within DHHS as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services.

» S.B. 88: A bill assigning pole attachment disputes to the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

» S.B. 174: A bill providing that the City of Wilmington may lease from the Department of Transportation the Department’s interest in a portion of the former CSX Transportation Rail corridor within the limits of that city.

Author: pixallus2