The Unknown Launches Pre-Game Cans

The Unknown Brewing Company

With Summer just around the corner, The Unknown Brewing Company announced today the release of their second year round can, “Pre-game”.  This  beer is a 4.7 % session ale (meaning it is light and drinkable). This beer is golden with little bite and a clean dry finish.

Owner/Head Brewer Brad Shell says, ” Sometimes you just need to make a good drinking beer. Clean, smooth, and refreshing. Don’t over think it”.  This is carried through in messaging on the packaging with slogans such as… Tailgate Tested, Pool Proven and Pontoon Preferred.

12oz cans should be hitting shelves in North and South Carolina as early as this weekend and in most stores next week. Keep an eye out for The Unknown’s signature question mark and bright color schemes near you soon.



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