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Riedel Stemware Seminar on May 2nd, 6:30pm Taylor’s Wine Shop:

Ever wonder why some people make such a big deal about their wine glasses? Here’s your chance to see for yourself how big of a difference the wine glass can make in your taste and perception of the wine.

Glassware and crystal makers since the mid-1700’s, the Riedel Stemware Company was the first one to demonstrate the size and shape of a wine glass can greatly alter how the wine tastes and is perceived. In the 1950’s Claus Riedel (pronounced like needle but with an “r”) introduced the first wineglasses designed specifically for certain wine varietals. Over the decades since, Riedel has introduced a number of “Varietal Specific” wine glasses and proven to just about everyone that the proper glass can enhance the enjoyment of your wine.

For this tasting we’ll be featuring Riedel’s Restaurant Series of glasses. Unleaded crystal versions of their well known Vinum Series of glasses. The Riedel Restaurant are practically identical in size and shape to the Vinum glasses except that they’re made from durable glass instead of leaded crystal.

We’ll be tasting 4 wines from their proper Riedel glass against the same wine from a non-Riedel “joker” glass and we’ll begin the night with a little sparkling wine. At the end of the night we guarantee that you’ll be amazed how much the glass influences the way your wines tastes AND you’ll get to take your 5 glasses home with you – 1 Sparkling, 1 Chardonnay, 1 Sauvignon Blanc, 1 Cabernet, & 1 Pinot Noir glass.

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