Shopping Local this Back to School Season

Shopping Local this Back To School

Data shows that less than 14% of money spent at chain retailers stays in the local economy. This is compared to nearly 48% reinvested by shopping at local businesses. Checkout out our 2018 Indie Impact Study for more stats!

Why does it matter? When you spend your money at independently owned businesses, the money is reinvested in jobs, community initiatives, roads, and even schools.

When you go out to buy the tools you need to invest in your child’s education, invest in your local community as well!

Here is a list of Wake County’s local businesses that will help you get your student ready for school!
Stationary and Backpacks

In grade school it is all about having the coolest pens and planners so we pulled together a couple places to find unique and universal school supplies!

  • Honey Press Stationary – Stationary and Planners
  • Great Outdoors Provision Company – Backpacks
  • Little Details Boutique – Agendas and Books
  • Gingham & Posh – Teacher Gifts and Cards
  • If It’s Paper – Personalized Stationary

There is nothing better than a fresh cut before the school year begins. Check out these independent, locally owned, and most importantly, kid friendly salons!

  • Sweet T Salon
  • Bill & Sam’s
  • Pin up Studios
  • N-Style Hair Designs
  • Atomic Salon

If you are panicking trying to find your students summer reading books or buying books for the upcoming school year, check out these local shops to help you find everything you need. 

  • Quail Ridge Books
  • Nice Price Books
  • Read With Me
  • Reader’s Corner
  • So & So Books
  • Dog-Eared Books
After School Activities

Just because the school day is over doesn’t mean the work day is. We found a few local spots to entertain your children while you finish up your day in the office.

  • Dancers with Wings, CC & Company
  • Stage Door Dance
  • Craft Habit
  • AV Coding and Design Classes
  • Rush Hour Karting
  • STEM school 

Whether you like it or not, those perfect jeans you bought your child last year are probably not going to cut it this fall. Instead of heading to the massive department store take a look at these children apparel stores owned by people in your community.

  • Kids Everywear Sale – Children of all Ages
  • Mobley’s Shoe Store – Young Children
  • Johnson-Lambe – Sport Uniform design for all ages
  • The Evelyn Company – Ages ranging Newborn to Pre-teen
  • Bolts and Blooms – Young Children
  • Doolie Boy Clothing – Young Children
  • Port & Starbird – Babies
  • House of Swank Clothing – All Ages
  • Blush Steele – Teens to Adult
  • Scarlet Street – Teens to Adult
  • Angel Road – Teen to Adult
  • Peak Lane – Teen to Adult
  • Glam Soldier – Young Adult
  • MODE Consignment Boutique – All ages
Local Doctor’s Offices

Today, it is more than important to keep your children healthy, prepared, and confident for their first day. We put together a short list of local eye doctors, dentists, and more to help you find the best for your star student.

  • Chapman Family Dental
  • City of Oaks Dental
  • Red Oak Dentistry
  • Roberson & Associates Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Moore Family Dentistry
  • Renaissance Dental
  • Griffin & Bernstein Orthodontics
  • Raleigh Orthodontics
Eye Doctors
  • The Eye Institute
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Cary Family Eye Care

By choosing local you are choosing your community first. Not only are you shopping for supplies but for better industry, local economy, and even community initiatives. This being said, we wish all of the students good luck in the new year and all of the parents happy shopping! We thank you for your support!